"Liberi Fatali: Fated Children" Wins 2017 G.A.N.G. Award

Two-time G.A.N.G. Award nominee Rozen has won the 2017 Best Game Music Cover/Remix category with his rendition of "Liberi Fatali: Fated Children", on which Heath sings. His previous cover, "Vault 111 (From Fallout 4 Main Theme)", secured his first G.A.N.G. award nomination.

Selected by the Game Audio Network Guild alongside names like Overwatch, Final Fantasy XV, ABZU, Battlefield 1, Civilization VI, Mafia III, and more, Rozen's artistry is heavily inspired by game audio and, as such, includes countless spectacular and epic covers/remixes of game scores. Heath and Rozen are currently in works on a project to be released in 2017.

Read more about the G.A.N.G. Awards here.

Listen to "Liberi Fatali: Fated Children" below:

Time's End II released

The second of a three part series, composer and sound designer Theophany's newly released album Time's End II (on which Heath sings) is enchanting fans across the world.  In synchrony with the release of Ember Lab's short film Terrible Fate, Time's End II is an exploration into the atmospheric world and thrilling music of Zelda.  Theophany and Ember Lab's project has already been shared by KotakuZelda Universe, and has gone viral on the front page of reddit

You can read more at Ember Lab and Theophany.

Listen to Time's End II below:

BILLBOARD features "Velcro" by Lava Records Artist CLAIRITY


With co-writer credits that include renowned Kara DioGuardi and Kinetics & One Love, "Velcro" has been premiered on Billboard as a preview for the upcoming release of Clairity's debut EP, Alienation.  Clairity, recently signed to Lava Records, is from Tennessee and finds her calling in expressing to the youth of America that being individual, original, and unique is something to be proud of.  


You can read Billboard's article on "Velcro" here.  Also check out Clairity's other releases, "Sharks In The Swimming Pool" and "DNA".

Listen to "Velcro" below: